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Palladio Scale produces interior custom-made stairs in Vicenza

Palladio Scale produces interior custom-made stairs in Vicenza - stears dubai, london, italian


With more than twenty years of activity in this field it has consolidated its position in an increasingly demanding market, by gaining new experiences, updating and improving styles, by researching shapes and exclusive technical solutions. 

Palladio Scale was able to go profoundly into the knowledge of materials already used and develop new ones. The entire production is characterized for interior solutions based on specific requests. The absolute individuality of choice, thus responding to an increasingly widespread demand of uniqueness.

 “Perhaps never architectural art has reached such a level of magnificence” J.W. Goethe  

Our company is located in Vicenza, the “city of Palladio”, one of the most important artistic places even outside the Veneto region.
Vicenza is a destination for cultural tourism with a lot of visitors from all over Italy and the world. This city is an exceptional artistic place thanks to different architectural contributions by the architect Andrea Palladio. the city was included in 1994 in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, that includes also the Palladian Villas of the Veneto eegion (since 1996).
Vicenza is an important Italian industrial and economic center , it is the heart of an area full of small and medium-sized enterprises whose export is in third place in Italy.
In this economic and cultural context is Palladio Scale .



The added value of our business lies in “our Craftsmanship” & Know-How.



The core of our company is the production which takes place entirely inside our plant. This gives us the opportunity to respond to the needs of our customers thoroughly and fast.
The direct control of the production phase allows us to provide unique interior stairs, well studied in detail guarantee high quality standards worthy of the best made in Italy.

Woodworking. Starting from unrefined lumber we produce high-quality solid wood elements of various species and thicknesses.
The expertise of our carpenters combined with technological design and workmanship allows us to create structures and elements with unique forms and characteristics.

Although technology has allowed us to expand our potential quality, the know-how of our highly trained staff give us the possibility to blend and shape metal structures as if they were soft material.
Spiral structures, bending elements , particular in design brings life to objects similar to sculptures.

Varnishing. The finishing is “the cover” of our products.
The possibility given to the customer to personally define the finishing of its product is the fundamental step which permits the suitable covering adapted in the context which the object will be inserted.


When an idea is well expressed, its value becomes very high.


Expression is balance between lines, materials, and especially colors. Pallaido Scale puts its customers in a position to get into the finish of their own product in a very intense way.

Painting metal, glass plates customisation, wood finishes, are the topics in which we focus our research in order to be able to propose innovative solutions.



Render, virtual reality,

Photorealistic films are the tools which Palladio Scale uses in order to allow customers and professionals to make the right decisions during the choosing of their own supply.

It’s without a doubt complicated to imagine the chosen object inserted in its future context, our planning service will help you in this delicate step visualizing how the finished product will look like, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and regrets.

The planning service, as well as the realistic prospective photos, includes the provision of technical executives and statistical calculations.
The planning service cost will be deducted from the staircase’s price upon the moment of your order confirmation.



Installation, an essential part of our work and your expectation.



Palladio Scale relies on the contribution of its team of assemblers exclusively from inside the company.


The awareness of working in someone’s home or in important contexts, the handling of high quality item and the variety of products obliges us to carefully treat the assembly phase through people not only experienced but also conscious of the excellent result that the company requires.
stears dubai, london, italian

stears dubai, london, italian